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Kate is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RD/RDN), Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT), Personal Trainer (CPT), yoga teacher, and a dreamer. 

An avid runner, I began having chronic back pain in 2012 that took me away from my favorite recreational activities (soccer, futsal, ultimate Frisbee, and running).  In search of non-surgical answers and lower-pain forms of exercise, I first took up yoga. Eventually, in 2014, I traveled to India to become a yoga teacher. There, I had an MRI done and was diagnosed with loss of lower lumbar curve, and a protruding disc in the L5-S1 vertebrae.  Most medical practitioners told me I’d need surgery and/or a series of steroid injections while doing physical therapy to heal. These options were not available to me in Saipan (the small island where I lived at the time), so I continued studying and looking for more answers. After diving in to the study of anatomy, myofascial release, and correcting muscle imbalances, I easily passed the NASM Personal Trainer test in 2016, and in implementing Corrective Exercises theory, was able to finally lessen my back pain and joyously began running again in December of 2016!  This series of events has lead to a passionate desire to help others find the cause of their own pain and limitations, and strive to correct imbalances and reach health and wellness goals.

I moved back to Ohio in 2017 with my devoted husband, and our two furry babies. When I gets a break from the responsibilities of life, you can find me running from imaginary zombies (a big fan of the “Zombies, Run!” app), reading for fun or study, playing in the kitchen, or thriving in nature – I am Solar Powered!

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About the Site

If you noticed, taking a break from the responsibilities of life did not include “pumping iron” or “killing time at the gym.” I am not one of those people who naturally loved working out. I am blessed that I enjoy running and friendly-competitive sports that go with it, but “training” at the gym wasn’t my idea of fun. I will almost never force myself to workout – I don’t want to start associating exercise and healthy movement with obligation and drudgery. While I believe that, to some degree, healthy living may need to be forced a little at first as new routines are made, I strongly believe that we also need to find the fun in healthy movement and healthy foods.

While FlipSide Adventures is happy to work with people wanting straight-forward diet and exercise training and coaching, I also aim to add stories and group challenges to make it fun. Sure, you can hold a plank pose and do a few ducking side lunges… but if you’re being told you need to drop low into plank to hide behind the bushes and spy on the enemy camp – then jump up and duck side to side as they try to shoot you with bow and arrow!…. well to me, suddenly working out becomes a little more fun. Evading zombie hordes, sneaking through trap-filled caves, hunting for buried treasure, walking with the Fellowship to Mordor, or following an international spy to prove he’s a double agent adds a fun new twist to movement and exercise, while hopefully teaching you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle through Edutainment.

A full adventure program (3 months) could include Choose Your Own Adventure stories that build a workout as you go based on your choices, puzzles and clues to an unfolding plot, Facebook groups were your team must work together to pass challenges to get more story, daily workouts alternating narratives that create either a strength workout or a cardio plan, and more!

So adventures will be forthcoming!

Who do you want to be on the FlipSide? A lean ranger? A quick ninja? A fierce warrior or bodyguard? A healing cleric? A sharp-minded mage or spy?

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